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Learning Empowered

A common core based platform for Middle school teachers and students

Membership plans

A) For Teachers

We offer a yearly membership plan. Currently the membership plan is Free for all Teachers and their students and we aspire to keep it Free Forever. No hidden charges, you absolutely do not need to pay us anything. We don’t even need your credit card information. You can add as many students to your class as you need. You can use the Coreorama product as much and for as long as you want (unless of course if we are down due to any maintenance or an error)

The teacher will need a valid school email id to join. In rare cases we will allow you to join using your personal non-educational institution email id (for example a yahoo or gmail id), but we might need more information to ensure that you are a teacher.

We reserve the right to deny or reject any membership. We also reserve the right to cancel membership in case of violation of our TOS.


B) For Parents or other Responsible adults in the family

Currently we offer yearly membership plan for Parents and their children. There is no restriction on the number of children. At preset, The membership is offered for Free for an year but it is an invite-only at this moment. You can email us at info@coreorama.com with below details




No of children and their respective Grades (Example 2 kids, one in Grade 6 and other in Grade 8)

Subject (We currently offer only Math)

Phone number (not mandatory, but nice to have, we will not spam you)


This will be a paid service in Future and the details regarding the same will be published later.


C) For Students

Students cannot directly enroll. They have to either come through their teachers or their Parents (Section A and B above)