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Section A) Teacher / Parent related FAQ’s


A.1) How do I, as a teacher or parent, enroll?

Click “Signup” on the homepage, fill in the details, validate your email i.d and wait for our approval. Usually the approval takes anything between 1 to 5 business days. As our service is for Free, we have stringent norms on whom we allow as our intention is to help the real teachers and their classes.  We apologize for any delays upfront and we hope that you do understand.

For parents, this might take more time as we are giving away the membership for free on a trial and invite-only basis.


A.2) I have been rejected, why ?

Well, we are sorry for the rejection. Our service is for Free (and no we don’t even put any annoying ad’s and earn any revenue) and there are no hidden charges. This increases our burden to allow only valid users. One of the reasons that we reject a teacher  membership is when the teacher has not used a valid educational institution email i.d. We encourage you to sign-up with your school or educational institute email id.

For parent membership rejection, all we can say is that we it is only on a invite-only basis with a very limited number of spots. Please try again after a couple of days.


A.3) Will I be spammed if I use my school / work email i.d.?

Nope. We hate spam and we respect your privacy. We don’t even sell your email id to anyone else. You might receive our newsletters and other announcement emails only if you have signed up for the service. In all other cases our emails to you will be only related to your account related activity.


A.4) Can I change my Avatar?

Sure you can, just click on it and select from various categories. We keep adding new avatars.


A.5) What is my code?

Just below your name, you can see a 11 digit alpha-numeric code. This is unique to you as a teacher / parent and you must share this code with your students.


A.6) How do I create my class?


As soon as you get access, you can create your class. You can create more classes (for example you teach math both for grade 7 and grade 8 and hence you can have 2 classes ).



A.7) How do I add/delete students to my class?

To add a student to your class, select your class and click “Add student”. Fill in the name of the student (First name, Last name) and Gender (used for Avatar style).

To delete a student, first select on the blue checkbox below the student name and click Delete. Note that this action is irreversible and you will lose all data.


A.8) I have two or more students in my class with same name,How do I add them ?

Just use some suffix (say John1 Doe, John2 Doe) or something that you would distinguish them from each other.


A.9) After creating my students, how do they log in?

The student need your teacher code and their name (exactly as entered by you) to log in. The default password for first time login is “pass” and the students must change their password after the first login. They can also change their avatar.


A.10) How do I Create a Quiz?

Just click Create Quiz, select the Topic (Math), Grade, Domain and Common Core standard on which you want to create the quiz.

Sometimes the standards list is very long, you can select multiple standards or topics.

Go down and select the number of questions. Select the complexity Mix by using the sliders.

You can make the quiz as time based by selecting the checkbox and entering the time that you would like to allot for the quiz.

Finally click “Create Quiz”


A.11) After creating the quiz what happens?

Well, you can take a look at the quiz and if it looks fine then you can either export the quiz to a PDF and download. (You might want to use it later by printing it on a paper). You can directly print the quiz to your printer. Finally, you can assign the quiz to your students. You can either assign the quiz to all students in your class or only a select few by clicking on the check boxes below their names.



A.13) What are the various reports that I can get?

You can get the below types of reports:-

Student level report:- You can select any individual student in your class and see his/her detailed activity report. The student weak areas are mentioned in their Focus Topics. Each individual activity is marked with the status, time spent and the % correct answers scored (for any quiz).

Activity level report:- This report lists all the various quiz activities that you had assigned along with their status

Topic / Standard  / Domain Level reports - These reports will show, in graphical format, your class performance over particular topics / standards or domain. You can also get a detailed individual topic / standard / domain level report for your class.

Performance snapshot:- This report gives a quick birds-eye view in the shape of a pie chart. It shows the distribution of overall correct, wrong and skipped answers in all the quiz activities that you had assigned, so far.


A.14) What are Focus Topics?

The focus topics are curated over a period and shows the relatively weaker areas where your student should spend more focus on. Students can practice further by creating focus topic quiz themselves. Their performance will be tracked in their individual reports.


A.15) Can I send a Private Message to anyone?

You can send private message to another teacher or parent using their email or teacher / parent code. Please exercise caution and judgement when you contact others. Do not send any personal information or other crucial information. Please do not abuse or use the facility that in any matter that is not acceptable per law and our Terms of Service.

You cannot message any student.


A.16) What is My uploads?

You can share your curated content aligned to any topic with your students or to our community. All content will need approval from us. Please do not submit any copyrighted or other content that is not permissible by law or our Terms of Service


A.17) What is shared content ?

This is the area where you can see the content shared by other teachers. You can also see various activities, aligned to a topic,  that you might wish to use in your classroom.



A.18) What is the difference between Teacher and Parent privileges?

For most of the practical purposes, on our website, the Parent and Teacher functions are similar. The concept of “class” when applicable to the teacher denotes the class that they handle whereas when it comes to parents, “the class” means their children themselves. A Parent can do most of the activities that a teacher can (example assign quiz to students etc.). For obvious reasons, the parent can access reports and data of their own children. Also,the parents can assign quiz and other activities to their own children.



Section B) Student FAQ’s


B.1) How can I, as a student, enroll ?

Students can enroll either through their teacher or their parents. Direct student enrollment is not possible.


B.2) How do I login as a student ?

The student need to get their teacher or parent code (depending on how they enrolled) and then use this code along with their name (exactly as entered by their teacher or parent) along with their password. The default password is “pass” for first time usage and we encourage students to change the password as soon as they get in first time.



B.3) Can I change my Avatar?

Sure you can, just click on it and select from various categories. We keep adding new avatars.


B.4) What is assigned Quiz?

This is where you can see any quiz activities assigned by your teacher / parent. Sometimes the quiz is time based and it will auto-submit at the end of the time. You cannot pause the quiz, so please attempt the quiz only when you are ready. Use dropdown blue box on top to select the quiz in case the teacher assigned you multiple quiz activities.

Before you take a quiz you can have a quick review on the topics related to the quiz. Read the instructions carefully before you take the test. When  you are ready click “I am ready, start”


B.5) What are the various colors that I see below the question  numbers on the top of the quiz?

Initially all the questions will be marked with grey color. It means you have not yet seen the question. If you answer a question, the color changes to green. If you see a question but decide to skip it and advance to next question you can see a red color. You can come back to all red colored questions later.


B.6) What happens after I submit my answers?

As soon as you submit your answers you get your performance summary. You can then review each individual question and their answers. The quiz is saved in your history and you can access it later. Your parents / teacher will get your quiz performance report.



B.7) What is Focus Topic(s) ?

At the end of the quiz, you will get a list of topics that you need to concentrate more and work upon. These are focus topics. The more quizzes you give the more better your focus topics will be. This way you can devote more time to the areas that really need improvement and perform better.

You can attempt more quizzes by going to your focus topics. Any focus topics quiz is not assigned by your teacher / parent and it is not timed.  You will get performance summary at the end of the focus topic quiz and also review your quiz at the end. The focus topic quiz is not saved to your history.


B.8) What is History and Favorites?

You can access all your previous teacher assigned quizzes in history.

While you review a quiz, you might come across a question that you liked. You can save this question to your favorites.


B.9) What are reports ?

You will get a detailed activity report along with their status and your performance in terms of % correct in a quiz. You can also see your top focus topic area names and an overall correct % on the top of the report. Your teacher / parent will also get this report


B.10) What is self practice ?

A student has more options to practice on focus topics through these 3 types:-

a) Quiz - A student can create a quiz just like a teacher and assign to himself / herself.  Just select the topics that you want, the number of questions, complexity and time (optional) and click “Create quiz”. The quiz will be ready and you can start immediately

b) Shared content Material - These are various documents that are aligned topic wise and shared by various teachers. This could be a word document, a PDF, a youtube video , a powerpoint presentation etc. You will need parent / teacher content for accessing external links. You will also need corresponding viewer software (such as Acrobat Reader to view PDF file). You must discuss this with your teacher / parent.

c) Activity - We have created some fun and nice activities that you can try either in your classroom with other students or sometimes on your own.  You must discuss this with your teacher / parent.



Section C) Generic FAQa

C.1) Is my data safe?

We do not mis-use any data. Please refer to our stringent privacy policy.


C.2) How much does it costs?

Free for teachers and their students Always. No hidden costs, nothing.

Also at this moment free for parents who want to try out for their kids, although the parents membership is invite only and we have only a few spots to give out.


C.3) A Free site..umm..so you will have those annoying ad pop-ups

Nope. We do not serve any ad’s.  We have designed this site for our own kids and ad’s are something that we are allergic to.


C.4) So how do we make money?

We plan to tie up with premium content developers to offer rich content at a small cost. We also will be offering family membership plans for parents for their kids.


 C.5) Why only Common Core?

This is just the beginning, we will add more standards and subjects as we go along.


C.6.) Is it only for USA?

Not necessarily, we will shortly be having a CBSE aligned site for India. For teachers in other countries, we welcome you to signup and try out the current USA site. We are sure that most of the material can be used in any classroom across the globe.


C.7) Do we have a social media presence ?

Yes we do, check out our FB, Twitter pages





C.8) What about our apps?

Currently Appzest has middle school level mathematics apps on Apple store but we are revamping and soon we will have new set of amazing apps.


C.9) Need more info ?

Just shoot an email to info@coreorama.com and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.